The VET Gurus Coaching Programs

The Compliance Coaching Program is an ongoing program that will spotlight topics and present compliance information in bite size chunks.

For detailed information about the program, download the CCP Information Sheet as well as the 2019-2020 Program Schedule.

John Price, Angela McGregor & Kerri Buttery

We won't add up the years of combined experience here because the number is huge! What you can count on is combined experience across our expertise to meet all of your RTO needs. Contact us via email to book in a consultation or session with any of our key consultants.

What do we do?

The question should be “What don’t we do in VET?” as the list of what we do, and can do, is considerable. It includes:
  • Providing Compliance Coaching programs for individuals and internal RTO teams
  • Assisting businesses to become Registered Training Organisations (RTO)
  • Conducting due diligence compliance audits of RTOs for prospective buyers
  • Webinars on current VET and compliance topics as well as emerging compliance needs
  • Engaging with learners face-to-face and on-line

What do we offer?

Peace of mind – dealing with people who know what they know and can impart it to you and your staff through professional development activities including:
  • Developing compliant assessment tools
  • Creating trainer and assessor profiles
  • Systematic Validation of Assessment
  • Efficient and Effective RPL assessments
  • Planning and conducting an internal audit
And senior RTO management support through the discussion and selection of options to consider when:
  • determining solutions to rectification issues; 
  • determining the impact or potential impact of non-compliances on past, current and future students; and
  • creating Remedial Action Plans.

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